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BBM for Men (Men of 2011)

December 6, 2011

BBM™ FOR MEN  The Hottest Man Club on BBM World presents Men of 2011. ALL TOP, MANLY, AND GYM ADDICT ARE HERE!!! Silahkan tambahkan teman-teman berikut ini. HANYA UNTUK COWOK SAJA YA!

Pin:2778EBF1, Ariel, 28, 178/68, Jakarta.
Pin:30B6FC5C, Chris, 27, 171/58, Jakarta.
Pin:27FBB1E5, Burhan, 20, 172/60, Makassar.
Pin:27DFBB70, Dio, 25, 170/62, Surabaya.
Pin:223B7590, Ushai, 27, 174/72, Jakarta.
Pin:216DFC24, Agustian, 33, 170/71, Batam.
Pin:27EBB014, Yudha, 27, 170/68, Jakarta.
Pin:2629DEB2, Hair, 35, 169/64, Jakarta.
Pin:22F86877, Izac, 28, 170/65, Jakarta.
Pin:30888E4C, Kimura, 28, 178/65, Jakarta.
Pin:22EFE957, Zola, 172/70, Jakarta.


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